27 fevereiro 2012

Hello again!

As you can see, I have been far, far away from here and I have two reasons: first, I don't have my battery yet, so I can't post every single days because I don't like my sister's laptop and its really confuse to blog here. The second reason is that I already made a reference to this and I was completelly ignored, I know that you read my blog, I can see a lot of visualizations, but no coments, I don't know if you understand, but its really frustrating write about your life to feel a little bit better with me... to expose a little bit of yourself with the main objective to get other people's opinions, but no one give a damn about it. I'm getting a little bit agressive and I will make an advice that if the situation goes on, if I keep receiving no coments from the readers, I will close the blog and this is all over, I think its not hard, I just need an opinion to the work that I have been done until hereif you're reading to coment something, because I won't spend more time here if I keep receiving no rewards.

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