25 julho 2012

Sorry :(

I've been soooo distant those days, but I'll explain everything when I come back... I will also reply to your comments and tell you everything I did, but for now its everything. Love you all <3

10 julho 2012

Not okay

Today I'm not okay, my work is not going so well as it should be and I think I'm going to be fired ;(

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09 julho 2012

Blue eyeliner

I never thought my dark eyes would look good with blue eyeliner, but they really do, they are chocolate, but they look hazel with the eyeliner, I'm officially in love with it, because I always wanted to have lighter eyes haha!

08 julho 2012

New In

Stradivarius 15,99€

Stradivarius 15,99€
I also bought a bag and a bracelet, but I didn't found the pictures on the website and honestly I'm not in the mood to go and take a pic... too lazy haha! To conclude, the best part of the thing is that those adorable sandals are large and I have to go to the store and change them;)

Yesterday's Review

As I told you, yesterday I went shopping and to the cinema with my mom and my brothers. Basically I saw Spider Man 4 and as I was expecting it was not my kind of movie, because its not!
Talking about my new babies I will do another post ;)

04 julho 2012


I spent too many hours thinking about giving my twitter account or not, but I think you deserve, so, the link is here;)
So, go follow me and maybe give me some suggestions... lots of love:)

Sorry ;(

I'm soooooooo sorry for my absence, but I have been really busy with my office work and worried about my final exams results that I don't even have time to go to the beach ;(
I look like I came back from a war and I need to get tan and my hair needs attention... bahhhhhhhhh!
But I'm fine, it will worth...

New In

Stradivarius 9,95€

Local Store 1,95€
There's more to come on Friday ;)