30 novembro 2012

Oh yeah! It was amazing, it might be one of her best performances ever!
Does anybody know where I can buy Nars products in Portugal? I'm afraid to buy it from the website, because I can't test it on my skin and I'm afraid to chose the wrong shade.

29 novembro 2012


Maybelline has the best mascaras ever, enough said! I'm actually using the "Falsies Volum Express" and I'm loving it.

28 novembro 2012


I want to loose 5kg because I don't like my legs and I want to have a body like Kenza Zouiten because she is very elegant and we have the same body structure, but I'm smaller :)

24 novembro 2012

I love new projects, so, a friend of mine invited me to a new thing (let's cal it a thing) and I accepted this new challenge. I'm really happy and full of energy to start.
The only problem is that probably I won't post so frequently, but I won't leave you :) xx

20 novembro 2012

17 novembro 2012

This need to stop. I can't wait to say "I'm fine" again
Today its my grandma's birthday. In a few minutes the house will be full of people. I have to wear a dress. I really have to look happy. But the truth is.. I'm not!

16 novembro 2012

You guys don't know how much I hate my Physical Education teacher! I'm done with that subject, I'M DONE!
Seriously, this is putting my nerves on!
The hardest part to understand is when he is falling in love with the other girl, its obvious, you can see the things happening between them and you still thinking about him

15 novembro 2012

I don't get how people can change so quickly! We used to be friends, very close friends and you used to tell me how important I am and all of that, but apparently I'm not anymore, we act like strangers and I'm pretty sure I did nothing wrong!
Christmas, I'm waiting... I want an iPod!

14 novembro 2012

Me and my friend J are always making random but effective plans! If we would never get successful in our lives will be mischance for sure, because I must say we are genius
Rihanna in Lisbon, 28th May 2013. Its official, I'm going bankrupt in 2013!

12 novembro 2012

I like it
Josh Cuthbert... Union J, XFactor UK contestant
Yes, I would date, ofc I would!
PS: Even though I'm not a big fan of boy bands, I have to admit they always have the best boys. END

EMA 2012 Top and Flop

Taylor Swift
 Top! Hair: Check, Make-Up: Check, Dress: Check! The only thing I dislike is the fact she is ALWAYS wearing white/nude/silver/red...
Carly Rae Jepsen
 Top! Carly Rae Jepsen is such a sweetheart! I do not like her music, but she was lovely with that hair and dress. Is not too much like others...
Rita Ora
Top! This is one of the dresses that I hated when I first saw. I don't love it, but according to the panorama of the show she was nice
Alicia Keys
FLOOOOOOOOP! I hate the cut, I hate the colour! OMG looks depressing.. This is a dress that could stay locked in her closet forever.
Heidi Clum
Flop! Its too much

MTV EMA 2012

I have to say it! Since Katy Perry is not the host, which is since 2009 EMA are just awful! I mean, where is the spirit of EMA?? Last year they had such a horrible host, Selena Gomez and I was expecting for this year's show to be better because Heidi Clum was hosting and some of the performers were great, but no, this year's ceremony was a flop! Was boring... And then, I was freaking with the twitter fights over the winners, some of the fandoms do not accept that are much more artists and some might be better that the ones they fancy! They should be quiet because their argumentation is so weak that makes me laugh... just face that the others are right!

Why do I care so much? I would be very thankful if somewhere in my brain has a button with this inscription "delete"
its true :(

10 novembro 2012

Someone: Are you okay?
Me: Not really
Someone: Why? The same?
Me: Yes
Someone: Oh, want to see my nails?
Oh nice, not okay, but I want to see your nails, its what I'm really worried about, your nails!

New In

Stradivarius; 9,95€
Yeah well, its true and its what I'm going to do until Tuesday! yayyyyyyy

09 novembro 2012

I wore lots of shorts during this week :) For my surprise my sister and two of my friends said I'm loosing weight --'
My first tattoo will be exactly like this one, but in another angle :)
Michael Kors watches are amazing! I fell in love with them and I'm not even a great fan of watches

07 novembro 2012

I might look futile, but I'm really interested in politics. The fact Obama has been re-elected made me really happy. My mum just woke me up saying "I think Obama wooooooooooooon" and then I jump out of the bed, we run to the living room and we started our happy dance we are not normal. This Re-election means that Unites States of America and the world will continue the hard work against the crisis, racial problems and all that!
Getting blonder. According to my sister, I will end up like a Barbie

05 novembro 2012

So, I'm improving my passion for makeup and like always, I spent my afternoon watching Youtube Chanels dedicated to beauty and makeup. This Chanel is one of my favorites, when I grow up, I want to be like her!

I really should stop thinking, caring and start to understand the truth and the reality, but I can't, its stronger than me :(

04 novembro 2012

Yesterday, I survived to the World War 3! After a damn stressing morning, I found the tickets!
I found this picture in my Facebook's timeline, I will be in the Section 14*.*

I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been far away from here, I'm sorry!