31 agosto 2012


Seriously, I can't wait for Friday the next one... I'm freaking out with my work, I'm tired, I can't see any money in my account, my bosses are stupid, I can't even look to my mates' faces!
I will regret to say this, and it will be very very soon, but I can't wait to start the school!


I forgot to tell you, but my sister received such a very special gift... a member of her fav band tweeted her wishing happy birthday!!


As I was expecting, the day was awesome! My sister was totally happy, she had me, my cousin and all of her friends together, she had some nice gifts and also a family dinner... but we missed our dad, but he sent a message saying that we will pass lots of birthdays together:) that's life:)

30 agosto 2012

Happy B-day!

Today is my sister's birthday, she's turning 15!!! We will have such an amazing day, full of candies, random conversations, shopping and family!

29 agosto 2012

Don't like it

I don't like when my friends call other girls the same thing they call me... its childish, but I can't do those things and I don't like when they do those things


This is a phone purse where you can save your money, isn't it so cute? From Topshop 16£

28 agosto 2012


I just love her! She is such an inspiration!


My mom just said to us that she's planning a weekend in London! ASDFGHJKL! I had been there a few times, but I just love that city so much that's no enough time to visit!
We are thinking about November or January, in November because we can do some Christmas shopping, but in January we have sales and amazing stores like Topshop and Forever 21*.*
What month would you chose?

Beach Time!

Yayyyyyyy, I went to the beach today and I'm so happy! It was such a sunny day, the water was clean and quite warm, there was no wind and my sister and my mom are the best girls in the world, so it was so much fun!

26 agosto 2012

New In*

Lip balm 3,99€ Pimkie  

Bag 24.99€ Pimkie

Necklace 7,95€ Stradivarius

23 agosto 2012


Yesterday there was no cinema... we had a nice dinner and we just realized that we are growing up and becoming adults, we really are! To the next year we will move to another country, have our own house and we are quite scared!
Today, I'm moody, so I'm not going to work

21 agosto 2012

Beauty Guru

For the girls who love fashion, make up and lots of things related with girly stuff and all that, I suggest you this AMAZING Youtube Channel.
She is an amazing beauty guru and I promise you won't regret a bit of watching her videos, I do it very often and I also follow her tips.


There's no night out tomorrow... just cinema :( The good part is my neck is hurting like a lot and wouldn't be nice to dance and look for BB's with that!

20 agosto 2012


My mum is officially on holiday... and I'm working, so, everyone is going to the beach, enjoy amazing walks and Cat in the office!
On Wednesday is my night out with my girls, because we are such a good girls and we work the whole week and we really need to stop in the middle and party like there's no tomorrow.
On Friday my mum just promised me that she will drive me to downtown to some shopping and extra calories to Starbucks... and for now its everything because I have some work to do :|

Today's inspired outfit

PS: My boss just said that my freckles are cute... #awkwardmoment

16 agosto 2012


In the end off the summer I'm going to cut my hair like this...
... but blonde and with some pink highlights

Cocky mate

Bla bla... does any of you ever had a super super super cocky mate, those mates that try to flirt with EVERY girl/woman in the office? I have one of those... and it seriously annoys me!

15 agosto 2012


I fell in love and I ordered them!

Work work work

I definitely need to organize my work or I won't reach the goal again and it will be the World War 3... just a little effort, I know I can do it, I'm just a bit lazy


A holiday in the middle of a week is always so relaxing! I will pass my day hydrating my hair, exfoliation, "nail care" andlotsofgirlythings!  

14 agosto 2012

New background

New background here, do you love it? Or it is a bit hard to understand the posts or the links?


Next Wednesday will rock so much! I will finally spend a night out with my friends and look for amazing British boys yes, when I go out at night I look for them.
The problem of every single birthday party/night out is (drum roll sound here) what the hell I'm going to wear???

13 agosto 2012

New guy

I just have to add Tom Daley to my list of future boyfriends haha

Olympics Closing Ceremony

It was AMAZING! The whole Ceremony was perfectly organized they're British, please!
I had my fangirl moment when Spice Girls appeared, they still looking so perfect!
I loved Jessie J, Kaiser Chiefs and Muse... and I'm forced to admit that One Direction had been really well for guys of their age.

10 agosto 2012

Pink hair??

I'm seriously thinking about pink hair... Personally, I think it shows a bold look and lots of personality.
I don't want this fluorescent colour, just a soft pink. Its just an option, maybe yes, maybe not :)

09 agosto 2012

Cat turning shopaholic

Zara, 39,99€

Zara 59,99€

Stradivarius, 59,95€
I'm so in love with studded clothes/shoes/accessories.. humm... I posted some bags last days and they are on their way to my house and the second jacket and the boots are already on the list to come... I just have to wait for my salary or for my parents' good mood for shopping!

08 agosto 2012

Beach vs. Work

Today I spent my morning at the beach and it was nice... then, I went to work and it was horrible, I had problems and I stressed out and I acted like an idiot, but now its everything okay.
I have been so stressed those days, now I understand when my parents say they are tired and I didn't knew about it.

07 agosto 2012


I'm getting tanned! I'm getting tanned! I'm getting tanned! I'm getting tanned! I'm getting tanned! I'm getting tanned!

06 agosto 2012

Should I leave?

As you know, since Summer begun I have been working. In the first month, I will only receive committees of my sells, but I haven't reach the goal and I ended my month with 0€, until here is normal, because I had only 11 days of work.
This month, I haven't reach the goal again, but the deal was, if I didn't reach the goal I would receive the committees... but is August 6th and I have no money in my account. My mom says that I should quick and enjoy the rest of my vacations, but I don't want to do it, because I want to have my own money... what would you do if you were in my place?

Love it

Dress, Stradivarius, 22,95€
Bag, Urban Outfitters, 25€

Jeggings, 9,99€
Salary, I'm waiting for you

Better in Time

Thought I couldn't live without you
It's gonna hurt when it heals too, ooh yeah
(It'll all get better in time)
And even though I really love you,
I'm gonna smile cause I deserve to
It'll all get better in time

02 agosto 2012

I want...

Stradivarius 29,95€



My dad is at home on holidays, those will be such a nice days, I really missed him!
Just like we used to do haha

New In*

Shorts, Bershka 12,99€

Flops, Blanco 4,99€

Bracelets, Blanco 3,49€

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hello dear readers, as the title says, I'm back, I've been so distant those days, because I had my house in works and my internet was not working correctly, btw, I'm back missing you all;)