28 setembro 2012

I just don't really like Autumn...

I want a jumper like that so bad! I see them in the stores, but they are not even warm!

Today, a very old friend of my grandma had been here in our house for a tea. She traveled around the whole world and has amazing stories.

I want to change my room, but I'm moving to London to the next year and its not necessary, its a better idea to wait and decorate an apartment

27 setembro 2012

306 views this month... for me its amazing to see that my little friend is growing up:) thank you so much!
Today, I broke my favorite necklace!

I will :)

Eyes or Smile?

Humm... yesterday I was in my bed and I was thinking about what I like the most in a guy's face... the eyes or the smile.
As I was talking in my Sociology lesson, our eyes can show emotions and everything we are inside and a guy with gorgeous eyes is absolutely amazing. In the other hand, a guy who has not a nice smile is not so attractive, I agree that a good smile is breath taking and also shows a bit of personality.
So, I conclude that I prefer smiles... and you? Eyes or smile??

26 setembro 2012

New In*

Jeggings; Blanco; 19,99€
I also bought two bottles of nail polish (barbie pink and dark pink/red) and also a pink phone case too much pink today

24 setembro 2012

23 setembro 2012

I know, its too early, but I saw the perfect dress to my "prom"
Topshop, 59£


Three of my favorite bands are getting back in action in 2013 and the others are touring during this year, the next and the other

I found what I need... I really need to go out and dance, but I don't know where the hell I live that a great part of young people don't like to do it! Sometimes big cities are boring, lot to do, no one to do!

20 setembro 2012

Can't wait to try this mascara! I actually use Lash by Lash from Maybelline, but I've already heard very good things from this one :) Unfortunately its not available in Portugal:(

I have to buy winter clothes!

19 setembro 2012

I don't get why can people forget some things so quickly and change their minds like they change their clothes

My school started two days ago and I'm already tired and ready for vacations!

18 setembro 2012

Shared Room

As you know, I'm going to Barcelona to the next year. Me and my friends had already chosen the hotel, but we saw the comments and we quickly decided that we are not going to a hotel who has no keys to lock the rooms, so, we found another hotel, but is more expensive and some of my friends don't want to spend that money... In that same hotel they have shared rooms and we are thinking about chose one of those because they are cheaper. Would you take the risk or not?


If you love fashion, you should take a look to this blog... There's a giveaway running and you shouldn't miss this opportunity:)

17 setembro 2012

Its hard to understand that he's all pretty for the other girl


I literally hate me! How can someone have everything and care about so silly things and act like a crazy? I don't know but making problems and make them appear where they aren't can really upset me and make me feel idiot... Sometimes I just want to disappear of the world for years!

We Are Never Getting Back Together

First Day

It wasn't so bad as I was expecting... it was the day to show how well dressed is everyone... stupidschool

16 setembro 2012

I'm going to find some notebooks and pens, wish me luck because the supermarkets are chaotic!
See you later :)

15 setembro 2012

I love to spend hours talking about what to do with my/our hair with my friends, sounds futile, but is so funny!

I don't know if I want Monday to come or not

14 setembro 2012

I missed my girls and my boy! Its so good to see that our friendship still the same!


I have to go to meet my "new" class... Can I just stay at home and rest?

12 setembro 2012

I bought a doughnut bun to my hair and I'm in love


Someone just told me "Oh, I have never talked to you before because I tough you were arrogant and cocky, but you are quite nice:)"
What do you think I am?

I can't fake my emotions, if I don't like someone I do whatever I can to show my impression... its arrogant? Maybe yes, but I can't be hypocrite to pretend that I forgot something when I haven't!
Once fake, forever fake! I don't get why some people can't see it...

I've got my hair dyed!

New In*

Denim Jacket! I bought it from Lefties, it looks quite vintage and old and I want to customize it, so, when I finish my work I will post a picture...
No, I have not forgotten Zara's denim jackets, they are coming:)


World War 3 is officially coming! I saw my class and I understood this will be a hard year... there are the reasons:
- A 25 students' class with only 6 boys
- 19 girls in the same area every single day is not cool
- A girl who was in my class two years ago came back and she did horrible things with me and I can't even see her!
This is just too much for me!

10 setembro 2012

I feel so insane, I don't know why do I feel what I feel, but the truth is that those things are making me so  mentally weak... I got in a stupid snow ball with those feelings and the fact is I'm feeling depressed with something so stupid that I feel ashamed to talk about it with someone  


I don't know yet, but I'm thinking about it...