28 junho 2012

I Want

Stradivarius 9,95€

Stradivarius 12,95€

Bershka 7,95€

Topshop 35£
Blanco 6,49€
Blanco 9,09€

26 junho 2012

I love when...

... I get on people's fights on Twitter and I get followers and lots of retweets from the two parts of the fight haha!


Thank you for coming I missed you a lot and I'm here, ready for you!


I'm so sorry for my absence, but my last two weeks were passed between the books and my work... not an attractive plan for who's on holidays, but its my reality :)
I'm very very happy with my work and the idea to start having my own money is really amazing! At least I won't pass boring afternoons looking at the computer screen...

13 junho 2012

Euro 2012

Sometimes I don't look like a massive fan of my own team, but I am! I love football and I really hope they could make a good game and show to everyone that we are not a country full of weak people:)


Time to Study ;( I'm so sick of this!


... maybe in November!

Be true be true

12 junho 2012


I got the job!!!!!! Thanks to JS that helped me a lot with that!
Now I can buy my JC boots, my clothes without my parents' money... *happy*


Well, well, today I have a job interview and I really hope to get that job.
 Like always, the drama of every day... WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?

Exams bahh

Humm... I should be studying for my exams, but instead I'm here posting for you... sweet, no?
I'm seriously freaking out with that, because when I decide to start studying, starts football on TV and its horrible for football fans like me... the worst part is when you are a football fan, the Euro starts and you have to study for exams
asdfghjkl sorry, I had to share my frustration

08 junho 2012

I have to share this

I received a very kind and hopeful e-mail response from London Metropolitan University... and I'm so happy because the marks I have can fix in the course I want to and everything is going well xx


I'm officially in love with this dress its perfect to...
Topshop 45$

06 junho 2012


I've never hide my desire to move to London, but now, I have the opportunity to make this wish reality.
Looks like a Portuguese company helps the students with everything since the documents to the university to the house... and I'm really interested. I've already talked about this with my mom and she really agrees with that, so... looks like I'm going to move in the next year!!!!!!
PS: Feel free to give me every single tip or information about... London??

05 junho 2012

Hey hey

I'm not blogging a lot because I'm not motivated... just to know:
--> I'm about to start my exams
--> I went to Rock in Rio last night
--> Probably I will go to Madrid
--> I'm tired!
kiss kiss