30 abril 2012

insert the title here

Its quite sad to see someone that you really love moving to another country.
Already counting the days to see my daddy again!

26 abril 2012

New addiction

Alexander Wang brown bag...  Since I saw one for the first time, in the fashion guru Kenza Zouiten (see her amazing blog here) I fell in love, but now I would give 2/3 and a half of my nail polish bottles and I would pass a week without mascara to have one of them... I LOVE IT!

Fall in love, like I  did!

We're back!

For the people who thought we would never be in peace again... I have to say sorry, because we solved our problems and we're friends again!
The drama continues, but at least the part that I really care is in peace again and its good to see that we can act like grown-up girls like we are and face our problems.
Stupid or not, we will always be better than them!

Kim Kardashian&Kanye West

I was trying to ignore the rumors, but now its confirmed... Kim&Kanye are together... and I think its not good!
I really like her, but I don't like him. She looks like a princess and he looks like a monkey, fits not so good! sdbhcvjuwkqdhcvdsncvhjuswmnj

23 abril 2012

Humm, hard task

I said I had chosen Madonna's song "Hung Up" to dance in PE... but its not anymore... Its Lady GaGa's "Marry The Night" and I will do it like this:
Wish me luck!

21 abril 2012


... also I'm thinking about to come back home with this bag:
and with two shirts that I saw yesterday on H&M after that, I will stay more poor than I am in the moment


I love those bikini pieces from Pimkie... They're not expensive, so, I think I'm going to pick up them to the next week haha!


That awkward moment when a guy says that you are too pretty to delete on Facebook haha

Irina Shayk in Lisbon

She's beautiful and all that, but she's lazy! The signing session was supposed to end at 15h, but she was too tired and ended a 5 minutes early and there were only more 20 people outside Intimissimi... and I was one of them! There was 6 people in front of me when the security told us that we weren't be able to get in the store and get an autograph.
I was so mad, because I spent money, I waited for the autograph in the rain (its stupid, because is so rare rain in Lisbon, but yesterday was a rainy day) and I couldn't got it!
In the end, she smiled for me and my friend and she said goodbye, was nice, but not enough...
If you want to see the pictures go to D's blog and see:)

18 abril 2012

It was taking a long time

Like always, my life can't be calm or peacefull to one week. Last week, my Physical Education teacher started to create enmities(me and my friends) and this week the big problem are my friends.
Looks like as friend of mine started not to talk with my D aparentely because of a stupid fight precisely in the PE lesson. Untill here is normal, but it doesn't end here. On Monday, we had a work to present and I talked normally with her, but yesterday she didin't talk neither with me, D and two other friends.
To make the things worst she's being rude and aparentelly, the guy of the group knows whats happening with her (looks like she's mad not because of the PE lesson fight) and he doesn't want to tell us what's happening... like its not enough he's also putting us very aside, he used to hang out with us, but now looks like he's running away from us.
Its stupid, because I'm feeling every single day more lonely and I feel like I only have D and my two other girls... we had a big and united group and now we're more separated than ever and it makes me sad. My whole class thinks we're gossip girls and all that, but we're not, we like to gossip, but we're truth and honest like no one else is.
We look like "The Hills" girls. Suffering with gossip, bad people and all that... The only positive point is that I finally can see who are my real friends and who's not, I can see that I really can count with them... and I hope it to last forever.

17 abril 2012


I was thinking and I need a boyfriend, but I'm really exigent. He must be cute, sensible, smart and be compreensive, but is really hard to fit in my role model... why don't the perfect guys line up at my door? It would be much more easy, I would just have to make a few questions ok, 520056 questions and a test to see his personal skils...
Talking seriously, its stupid, but why am I 17 years old and I still having crushes with rock stars, football players and band boys? Why can't I find someone easier to catch and that could be with me... and could look at me?

Well well

Lately I'm not with too much patience for this blog... I will post a list of some things that have been happening in the last days:
--> I'm 17 right now
--> My father is going to move to Swizerland
--> My parents offered me a pair of hight waisted leggings
--> I went to a Shannon Leto & Antoine Becks concert(and it was awesome, I was on the first raw, I touched them and was amazing)
-->  I will meet Irina Shayk on Friday
--> Also I have a Filosophy test on Friday
--> I'm super late with my works
--> I found amazing apartments in Madrid and Barcelona(I'm going there in the next year and its just amazing)
--> I realized that I want to be a mom, I want to have 1 child
--> I'm crazy with Forever 21 clothes
And that's basicaly what happens in my life... Sad, no?

13 abril 2012


Humm... considerating that my last post had already 16 page views since I posted made me think that I should post more pictures of Harry Styles shirtless in a near future


Someone is growing up...
Like, I'm not an One Direction fan... to be honest, sometimes I just think about punch his faces but there are things that have to be said... and Harry is becoming something more interesting than he used to be... just saying...


The supermodel Irina Shayk will be in Portugal to the next week and I'm going to meet her!!