27 fevereiro 2012

Hello again!

As you can see, I have been far, far away from here and I have two reasons: first, I don't have my battery yet, so I can't post every single days because I don't like my sister's laptop and its really confuse to blog here. The second reason is that I already made a reference to this and I was completelly ignored, I know that you read my blog, I can see a lot of visualizations, but no coments, I don't know if you understand, but its really frustrating write about your life to feel a little bit better with me... to expose a little bit of yourself with the main objective to get other people's opinions, but no one give a damn about it. I'm getting a little bit agressive and I will make an advice that if the situation goes on, if I keep receiving no coments from the readers, I will close the blog and this is all over, I think its not hard, I just need an opinion to the work that I have been done until hereif you're reading to coment something, because I won't spend more time here if I keep receiving no rewards.

15 fevereiro 2012

Omelette du fromage

My yesterday's dinner and probably my today's;) Its delicious and really easy to do, its just mix the eggs, put a little bit of cheese and little salt. Eat with bread or rice;)

The Pretender

Today I will give you an "old" song that I'm addicted again. Yesterday, I was talking about old school bands with some friends and casually, we talked about Foo Fighters and this song, The Pretender. For me, they are one of the best bands ever and the five Grammy's they won last Sunday can really speak for all the people who don't like them, ofc, people who don't know what good music is.
The true story is: you can hear whatever bad music you want, but if you listen those classics, you know what you should know;)

13 fevereiro 2012

Cute Couples

Let your romantic side glow! Tomorrow is Saint Valentine's Day and I will post some pictures of the cutest couples that are actually together (and I hope they continue)
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr
My sexy pirate and the most beautiful Victoria's Secret angel make me feel so jealous! Both of them are gorgeous and talented...

Gerard Piqué and Shakira
One of my favourite football players and one of my favourite singers ever are one of the cutest and in love couples in the moment! I really love to see them, they look so cute and really in love with each other!

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder
The One Direction member and her girlfriend(student and model) look so beautiful, he's extremelly cute and she's a beautiful girl, they look so happy!! Just look at they're faces and you'll know about what I'm talking about;)

New image!!

Did you noticed that I changed the wallpaper of the blog? Did you love? Did you hate? Tell me something please;)

12 fevereiro 2012

Don't do it!

Don't you ever try to study when you paint your nails and post in your blog... It will never result haha <3


First of all, I'm sorry for my not-so-frequent posts, but my last exam is tomorrow and I'll be back.
Second, I'm speachless about the theme "Whitney Huston's death" its so surreal and I was not expecting, like, no one is but was really unexpectable, really... She was so tallented...
Tomorrow is my last exam, Filosophy and I'm scared, because I don't know a thing, don't really... and to be honest I didn't even try hard, because its just impossible to me to take a good mark at Filosophy.
To finish my mixed post, I can't do not post it... The new Madonna's song its like, amazing, like all of her songs, she's a diva on the good use of the word. I would love to see her concert, but the tickets are too expensive... and I'm saving money to another things.

07 fevereiro 2012

Little advices ...

Be frontal and trust your friends, when something is wrong talk to them, no one will understand you better than the family that you can choose:)
Trust and take care of your relationships, is the best thing you get from your life, the problems won't make you happier than your good moments with the people you love:)

05 fevereiro 2012


I don't know if I ever made a reference about the worldwide Echelon Conference in Lisbon... but gess what... I'm going, yeah, but guess what who is coming??
I'm so damn happy I just wish Tomo and Jared to come here too. I really miss them*.*
I'm so happy*.*

01 fevereiro 2012

Last Days

I'm not posting so often as I used to do, but I have been so busy... I don't even have time to Twitt:(
Since Sunday that I'm with a terrible flu! I went to shopping with my sister(I bought an amazing and adorable cardigan for 5,99€)and I arrove sick, to make the things worst, yesterday I passed my whole day in the center of Lisbon(Downtown, Chiado) and I arrove at home almost aphonic...
Today is freaking cold, I'm freaking out with my History test, because I didn't studied a bit and I only have tomorrow.
Daily life...