12 fevereiro 2012


First of all, I'm sorry for my not-so-frequent posts, but my last exam is tomorrow and I'll be back.
Second, I'm speachless about the theme "Whitney Huston's death" its so surreal and I was not expecting, like, no one is but was really unexpectable, really... She was so tallented...
Tomorrow is my last exam, Filosophy and I'm scared, because I don't know a thing, don't really... and to be honest I didn't even try hard, because its just impossible to me to take a good mark at Filosophy.
To finish my mixed post, I can't do not post it... The new Madonna's song its like, amazing, like all of her songs, she's a diva on the good use of the word. I would love to see her concert, but the tickets are too expensive... and I'm saving money to another things.

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