27 maio 2012

I hate this part

This post has two different sides... The first one is that I hate the part of a term when all the teacher solve to make tests and ask for works in the same week, which its super stressful... The other side of the post is the PCD song...
Its such an old song, but yesterday I was watching VH1 chart and it appeared and I was like: "I loved that song!" and then I started to look at their outfits and they are just amazing! They all look gorgeous and super stylish in this video, they use my kind of messy hair, my kind of accessories and my kind of make up!!

25 maio 2012

New baby

Before all the confusions, I bought a necklace and a t-shirt... and my Rock in Rio ticket.
I'm too lazy to take pictures to that and I post it later... the ticket is normal, the necklace has a owl, a blue stone, a heart and all that.
T-shirt; Stradivarius; 12,95€
The t-shirt is more orange and quite transparent, but I love it!!!

22 maio 2012

New Jeans Review

I couldn't handle this! I have to say how much I am in love with my new jeggings, they are so fabulous! They fit in the body in an amazing way! I love it, I love it I have to go pick another pair of them!!!

19 maio 2012


I'm sorry, but probably this week I won't post anything more;(
Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema with some friends I don't see for a long time, I have to finish some works on Monday, study for my History test... Tuesday is my brother's birthday, Wednesday is my father's, but he is on Switzerland, so, probably I will go with my sister to the premiere of One Direction's DVD I'm such a good person! From Thursday and Friday I have Portuguese, History and Applied Maths to study... Funny, it isn't?

New In!

As I told you, yesterday I went shopping with my sister and it was fun;) I will post pictures of what I bought. I didn't found everything I wanted, but at least the basic is here. This week I'm going to order some items from Forever 21

Jeggings from Straivarius, 19,95€
Bikini, Pimkie, 12,95€

Bag, Blanco, 11,95€

14 maio 2012

13 maio 2012


I'm not a Nicky Minaj's fan, to be honest, I don't like her a bit, as my mom says, "she looks like a monkey... with a flu", because she is "damn ugly and sings sooooooooo bad".
BTW, I like this song, its funny and smells like summer

10 maio 2012

Love it

I'm in love with this bag from Blanco... and I'm going to pick it up in the next week:)

08 maio 2012


I don't know if it will be like I'm thinking it will, but at least I'm walking in the right way!

Which Celebrity you look like?

I tried to do it and it was fun... I discovered I'm:
71% similar to Jessica Alba

66% similar to Beyoncé:

and 63% similar to Natalie Imbruglia

Honestly, I don't know what I have in commune with Natalie Imbruglia, I don't know! But me, Beyoncé and Jessica Alba have the same eyes and the lips are kind of similar... maybe the hair, sometimes! haha
If you want to know which celebrity you look like, try in this link its in Portuguese, but its simple;)

05 maio 2012


She's the only Diva in the world, she's an amazing singer, dancer, actress and now I'm sure she is a great mom! I was watching her Top Star on MCM Top and was amazing to review all  the songs that are part of my life. I really love Beyoncé!

04 maio 2012


Today, I will post 22 random facts about me. Enjoy it, know me better, but don't ask me why did I chose 22 facts haha!
1- I'm a fake blonde
2- I hate cats
3- I have chocolate eyes pahhhhhhahah
4- My favorite cast is The Hills
5- My favorite accessory is a bag.. I love bags!
6- I love guys with British accent.. but not all of them
7- I'm always with my nails painted
8- My biggest dream is being loved by a half of the world for being a great fashion journalist or a sweet TV presenter
9- I'm a big fan of football
10- I LOVE fashion but I think you already know that
11- My second biggest dream is live in London, Paris or Los Angeles
12- My role models are Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad (my style inspirations, just)
13- I can't get out of home without mascara in my lashes and my cellphone
14- I met Snooki and Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Tokio Hotel
15- I loveeeeeeeeee Twitter
16- I'm such a small girl, I'm 1,52m
17- I'm a student, but I hate my course, I'm just doing it to go to Uni
18- I'm horrible with sports
19- Even though I look like, I'm not a futile girl
20- I love my friends and family
21- My favorite colours is pink, even though I didn't wear pink many times
22- I hate people singing by my side, especially my sister
I hope you enjoyed it;)

New image

Do you like the new image of the blog? I'm not very good on design, but I think its not so bad! Have fun here, love you all;)

I found!

I found the shorts!!!!!!
Levi's 42€
They are kind of expensive, but they worth it! I want them more tight than in the model. those are exactly what I was looking for.
BTW, I have to convince my parents... wish me luck!


I'm not a big fan of reading, but when the theme catches my eye its amazing! I read the book from the beginning to the end with no stops!
So... does anyone want to give me this book?
I found it on ebay but I can't order it right now, because of my Forever 21&Urban Outfitters' shopping

What you think about?

I think I'm going to lose my head. Do you remember the bag I posted on this post? OK, if you don't, go see! BTW, I think I will buy it.. what you think about?


I want to be like her... Lauren Conrad is so beautiful and stylish!


Starting on:
Elevating to:
Besides the sacrifices, we will reach:

Someday you will understand haha


I really loved this video its really useful, well explained and I'm gonna try to do those bracelets. I suggest all of the readers to try, send the results to me and I will post the best 3;)

03 maio 2012

Do you know?

Do you know where can I buy shorts like those ones? I really want a pair of, but I can't find the perfect ones!
Tell me something, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!

I want

Its not a song haha! Are clothes... and a bag!
T-shirt; Forever 21; 10,75€

Dress; Forever 21; 19,75€

T-shirt; Forever 21; 8€

T-shirt; Forever 21; 6,75€

T-shirt; Forever 21; 6,75€

Bag; Urban Outfitters; 51,56€
I will buy all the t-shirts this month for sure, because I want to rock in the Summer Festivals. The dress I don't know yet, because I don't know if I will like the way that it would fit me... I'm a small person, I could buy the dress, but the dress fits good short, not long. Talking about the bag, its a beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllll bag, but its kind of expensive with the shipping coasts!

02 maio 2012


You have to follow my friends' blogs. We're a group, we're together every days, we have lotsssssssssss of plans and ideas together and we talk about the same things... enjoy:)


I just can say that I will be rich and have lots of hate from some girls, but I don't care, it have to work!
Probably you won't understand about what I'm talking about, but you will know in a near future... I hope. You just have to wish me lots of luck;)