04 maio 2012


Today, I will post 22 random facts about me. Enjoy it, know me better, but don't ask me why did I chose 22 facts haha!
1- I'm a fake blonde
2- I hate cats
3- I have chocolate eyes pahhhhhhahah
4- My favorite cast is The Hills
5- My favorite accessory is a bag.. I love bags!
6- I love guys with British accent.. but not all of them
7- I'm always with my nails painted
8- My biggest dream is being loved by a half of the world for being a great fashion journalist or a sweet TV presenter
9- I'm a big fan of football
10- I LOVE fashion but I think you already know that
11- My second biggest dream is live in London, Paris or Los Angeles
12- My role models are Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad (my style inspirations, just)
13- I can't get out of home without mascara in my lashes and my cellphone
14- I met Snooki and Pauly D from Jersey Shore and Tokio Hotel
15- I loveeeeeeeeee Twitter
16- I'm such a small girl, I'm 1,52m
17- I'm a student, but I hate my course, I'm just doing it to go to Uni
18- I'm horrible with sports
19- Even though I look like, I'm not a futile girl
20- I love my friends and family
21- My favorite colours is pink, even though I didn't wear pink many times
22- I hate people singing by my side, especially my sister
I hope you enjoyed it;)

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