26 janeiro 2012

Hair care afternoon

Yeyyy! I should be studding for my Monday's presentation, but I decided to take the afternoon to take care of my hair! I'm dying and I'll apply a mascara:) latter maybe I'm going to staight the hair, but I don't know yet... Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

23 janeiro 2012

What the hell?

I don't know what's going on some people's minds! You have no idea what happened... someone just sent an e-mail for my whole class, saying terrible things about some of my mates(a major part of them my friends)... that person sent from an account that belongs to the whole class and used the name of a girl that doesn't have too much problems with the class, as some of us have.
Why people don't respect each other? There are exceptions, rude girls and boys that doesn't deserve any consideration... but good persons? I don't know why, seriously!

21 janeiro 2012

Today's Review

Today, I woke up early and I went to Chiado to help my friends with their English project. We filmed homeless people and the oposite, the rich ones and people shopping. Was a fun morning and lunch time xD. Today, I didn't shopping and better, I didn't got into a store.
In the end of the day I should go to a shopping center, but the car broke up and my father was not at home, so, there was not shopping for anyone... I wanted to change the dress I bought on Wednesday, it fits me well, but I want a little bit more tight... if I don't change the dress, no problem.
Tomorrow, I will pass my whole day studding for my English test!
Kind of boring, no??

20 janeiro 2012

Thursday Shopping

On Thursday, I have a free afternoon and me and some friends, went to a nice shopping center to find a birthday present... or choose a birthday present, because we couldn't buy the present with the person there kkk! BTW, I made a little shopping for me (not so little as well, because I spent my whole money...or part of that)
Those are the new things in my "closet"
Bag from Zara 25,99€

Dress/Shirt or wtv, Springfield 12,95€

Necklace, Springfield 1,99€

Back in action

Hey there!!! I'm back!! I had been so busy this days! I'm working in my english project, organising my friend's 18 birthday party (my two girls) and school, exams, and so on.
Unfortunatelly, I don't have my battery, not yet, only in the end of the month, but I will use my sister's laptop to update the blog, I'm really missing my every day posts:)

14 janeiro 2012


I haven't post for a while... my personal computer is parcially dead, he needs another battery and I'm waiting for my parents to buy it, so, I have to use my sister's notebook and I don't really like this, he's a little bit slow.
But I know that you were missing me and I decided to post something just to say that I will keep posting frequently, as I always did, I just have to wait for the new battery and I'll be back!
Kisses for all of you and see you very, very soon! oops, it looked like a Jared's quote xD

02 janeiro 2012

New Bag

Its not a bag, its a purse, a tiny purse, I bought on Friday, but I forgot to post a pic:)
My bag is darker than in the picture and was very, very cheap, it coasts only 5,99€

Stereo Hearts

I don't like Gym Class Heroes, but this song is "listenable" because they have the colaboration with Adam Levina and this is awesome! 1/2 a year to see Maroon 5!

01 janeiro 2012

Happy NYE

I don't really like/care about this whole thing about NYE, but I just want to wish, to all my readers, a new year full of love, peace, health, happiness and money, that's all we need to be happy, everything comes after this!