28 outubro 2012

27 outubro 2012

Ready to go shopping... Wish me luck to find a nice boots and for my mum to be in a better mood than she is right now haha :)

I own this picture, so, if you want to use it, ask me first :)

22 outubro 2012

I'm in love with this song, I love Taylor Swift since I know her and this song is amazing! She is the proof that you don't need to make scandals and all that to be successful!

20 outubro 2012

19 outubro 2012

This weekend will be all about Psychology and Sociology, so wish me luck and I promise I will reply to your comments :)

17 outubro 2012

The most annoying thing in the world is when you're trying to finish a conversation that is bothering you and the other person doesn't stop talking!

14 outubro 2012

Like I'm "always" watching beauty channels, I'm seriously thinking about taking a make-up course. If my idea to be a great journalist fails, I have something to survive and apply make-up in superstars it is a good idea... haha!

I found this amazing Youtube Channel! She is british and gives lots make-up and beauty tips, so, if you like this kind of channel, you should watch it :)

13 outubro 2012

I have to write an important letter and I don't know how about to start neither what to write FML

Is it normal when you get jealous of EVERY girl who gets close to him?

12 outubro 2012

Normally I don't use foundation, but I heard such a good reviews about this one (from Rimmel London) and I want it... its not expensive and seems good. Big problem: not available in Portugal neither for internet order!
I have a class mate who wears suspenders with skirts... That's okay, but not for school!

Pull&Bear, 25,99€
You will be so welcome in my wardrobe!
I missed you!

11 outubro 2012

I would love a boyfriend who surprised me with a super cute Tiffany&Co article... they are just so adorable!

New In*

As I told you, yesterday I went to Lisbon (I live in Lisbon, but not in the center, so I need to take a train and that's something that I really like to do #not) and I bought some new stuff :)
Finally I found this jumper in my number (yay), I went to Fnac and I bought Ceremonials (the "brand new" Florence and the Machine CD) and I also looked to the shelf and I saw Live While We're Young CD Single (One Direction super fresh hit single) so lonely and I thought "why not?" and they are already living with me. I also bought a bracelet on Claire's

I don't know what's happening with Kinder in my town, but I can't find anything and yesterday I passed my afternoon in Lisbon and I forgot to buy those... DAMN IT I'm just too blonde!

Today my mates found a page on our Sociology book with a Paris Hilton picture
I won't post a picture of her because I don't like Paris Hilton

04 outubro 2012

Heyyy! Liberty Walk is on Facebook right now:) Go like!!!

New name

I was quite sick of Was it a Dream, so, I changed my blog's name to Liberty Walk!
Liberty Walk reminds me freedom, and that's what I feel when I'm writing here:)
I hope you liked it xxx

My hair looks like her's... but shorter!
I love Plain Jane and I'm loving to review the whole season*.* can't wait for the 3rd one!

02 outubro 2012

I'm so in love with Mulberry bags*.* this bag would love my house and we would be friends forever!

01 outubro 2012

I don't judge people from they looks neither for what they are wearing, it doesn't define who you are, but please! Sometimes I see some outfits... for example, sport pants with boots (and its not even time to wear boots), leggings with really short t-shirts and shorts who shows underwear.
Its a school, why can't people dress decently?