29 dezembro 2011

Today's Shop

As I said yesterday, I spend my whole morning shopping. Take a look of what I bought:
I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pics!

Dress from Springfield

T-shirt from Bershka

Skinny Jeans from Bershka

Brown leggings from Bershka

The same skinny jeans from another angle

Cardigan from Pull&Bear
 Tomorrow, I hope I can buy a pair of black leggings and my bag;)

28 dezembro 2011


I'm so bored! I've been passing those last days at home;(. Thankfully, today or tomorrow (tomorrow, for sure) I'm going to shopping and Friday I'm going to the cinema with some friends I don't see for a while, I'm sure it will be awesome, I love them, they're terrific good friends and we always pass good moments together.
Today's plan is separate clothes, wash others and clean the house;( I hate it!
Today's expectation

Tomorrow's expectation

What did you thought about my "special post"?
Should I write is as letter and send for Jared?

26 dezembro 2011

Christmas Gifts

Those were my Christmas presents, sorry for the bad quality of the pics, but I didn't receive the camera, so, I have to wait for my birthday (only 3 months)
A bra from Women'Secret

Springfield gift card


Nicessaire (back)

Necessaire (front)
Besides that, I received more underwear, a Bershka's gift card and more money;)
What did you receive?

24 dezembro 2011

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish a Merry Christmas to all of you! ♥

Shopping Time

Like I said yesterday, in the last 24 hours I had been shopping. Today, I passed the whole morning until now shopping ang guess what? I bought presents for everyone and I found everything they wanted... but I didn't found my bag! The brown bag I posted 125820 times, so, I bought a gift card to buy the bag when they restore it.
After that, I've lunched a salad and I went to Chiado to find the rest of the gifts. Now I'm here, waiting for my grandma to finish a cake and then I'll help her with the dinner.
Me, when I realized I won't have the bag today

23 dezembro 2011

I have no Christmas presents

Humm, today's 23rd December and in my house there's no Christmas presents.
Every single year the tradition in my family keeps on and, 23rd at night and 24th in the morning, you can see me and my mother looking for Christmas presents for everyone. OK, its fun, because I can choose my presents, we take the breakfast in Starbucks and she always left me stay with the rest of the money of the presents, but this year no one has Christmas Spirit... What a sad thing.

PS: I can't stand Glee anymore, they're all so anoying!

20 dezembro 2011

My So Called Life

I'm totally addicted on MSCL its so cute*.*
Is a teen-drama TV show from the 90's with 19 episodes. The story takes place in the USA and the main characters of the season are Claire Danes, as Angela Chase and Jared Leto♥ as Jordan Catalano.
If you're a Jared Leto fan, you have to watch it, he's really cute and he looks amazingly beautiful!
Its everything on Youtube, you have the whole episodes of the season here

PS: Say something to me!

18 dezembro 2011


I want this bra, its simply amazing, the colour, the texture, the format... I hope that s*** make my boobs look like the girl in the pic!


Time to escape
The clutches of a name
No this is not a game
(It's just a new beginning)
I don't believe in fate
But the bottom line
It's time to pay
You know you've got it coming
This Is War

16 dezembro 2011


I beg if someone read this blog to leave a coment here. I don't know if you're liking of what I write, I don't have suggestions...
I stop writing in Portuguese to everyone understand a little bit more of what I'm saying( I know that my english is not amazing and that I make a lot of gramar errors, but I'm not perfect) and at this point I don't know what to do, I don't know if you like my posts, what you would like to see here...
I made this post two or three times before, but perhaps no one read it... I know, German and Russian readers that you're here, but why don't you leave me a coment just to make me happy and make me think that, at least here, I do something I like and someone apreciates it.
I'm sorry for the big test, but you don't think you know how hurts to me pass days and days waiting for a reply and no one does it.

Waiting for something to make me feel better♥

Stupid Fandom

I used to be a proud TH fan, but now I'm not! They're a bunch of childish, fake and stupid girls! They don't respect a different oppinion and they criticize you for everything you do "against" TH.
I changed, I'm not the same girl, I changed my tastes and because of things that appened with me, I have to admit that 30 seconds to Mars are, at this moment, my favourite band. I won't forget anything I did for TH and how much they made me happy, but I can't ignore the fact they don't really give a fuck about their fans. Instead of working in a new album, they are in parties, maybe taking drugs and making out with girls. They're not honest, they don't care if you cross the world to see them, you don't see emotion on their eyes... Mars are the opposite: they do everything for the Echelon, they show us their love for us, they are lovelly and carefulll with us, they really get envolved with everything we do and we can see and feel the love in the air... between them and us.
I feel hurted with TH, but MARS can really cheer me up and make me feel special, a thing they can't do;)
I don't want to explain anything elese, because if I'd say everythig I feel and I know, I'd be here untill tomorrow, but I don't want. I don't need to give expainations to stupid girls, like I did today, but I gave, just because they think they can argue with me, but they can't...

I love 30 Seconds To Mars more than Tokio Hotel, so what? Its MY life, not yours

15 dezembro 2011

Soon in my wardrope♥

Waiting for the money...

Love it!

So amazing! I will buy the gliph necklace and a Mars 300 t-shirt with part of the money I will receive in Christmas and this amazing tank top I will left for January...

Was it a Dream?

I love this song♥ like I love everything on him♥Love mood again!

14 dezembro 2011

I can't resist!

I'm sorry, but I can't stop posting Jared's pictures, he is so beautiful*.* please, readers, if you don't like him, just tell me!

I want Marsssssssssssssssssssssss!!

So amazing!!! I think I've already posted it, but I watched it again today and that's me after watch the talent of those amazing men. I love them, its true. I love them in deep of my♥

Rock in Rio Lisboa

Ok, they won! I'm going to RIR, unless Mars play in another place near(like Spain, Italy or France).
BTW, its what I want to refer... Maroon 5 are confirmed to 1st June on Rock in Rio and I'm super amazed!! I love that guys since I'm a kid, I grow up with their songs, because my mom is a huge fan... so... If I don't have Mars, I will have Maroon 5 and, unfortunatelly maybe I won't go to Coldplay's concert:| I can´t have anything!

13 dezembro 2011

I want!

If Jared Leto wants to surprise me, he should buy me one of those bras... ofc he will like to see me with them haha

What is the man who doesn't fall in love with a woman with this kind of lingerie, its so beautiful... I would feel powefull with this dressed!
Jay, you know what to offer me in Christmas!

12 dezembro 2011

What is it???

Why am I feeling like that?
Love mood with someone who doesn't know who I am♥

Humm... Coldplay

Yeiiiiiiiiiii! My parents just allowed me to go to Coldplay's concert in Porto... but I will wait for Rock in Rio artists to come out to know which ones I would like to see the most.
I just hope that a light turn on into Roberta Medina's mind to invite Mars to Rock in Rio, I don't think they will accept, but I'd like to see them there... at least on Madrid's edition, if it happens, I would't go to Porto and ofc I will go to Madrid to see them...
Let's see what will happen!

Oh my Leto♥

God! He is the most beautiful,
genuine and kind man in the
world... I love him♥

11 dezembro 2011

I should be that girl!

Holy shit!!! OMG one day he will kiss me on lips during a concert... I just have to be smart, use tiny clothes and make my angel face kkkk!!

10 dezembro 2011


I'm so worried about my marks... I feel so terrible... I will disapoint my parents... I'm not worried about me, because I know it I make my whole efforts I will raise all of my marks to the next term, but they don't know it and they will feel sad, because they try hard to give me everything and in the end, I fail the only obligation I have!
I just pray to the results of the last exames be positive, if they're not, I think I have to get ready to the punishment!

09 dezembro 2011

New Songs*.*

There's two new songs... I think it means something...

Coldplay in Portugal!

Yeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm so happy! The last time they had been here I couldn't go, because I was going to a 30 Seconds to Mars concert, so I prefered my cute boys, but now I have to go.
The only problem is the concert is in Porto, at FC Porto stadium and I hate FC Porto... but... I can't lose this opportunity, its amazing!

08 dezembro 2011


OMG I die when I see those pictures:
You will be a great dad to our children!
Seriously, am I falling in love with someone who doesn't even now who I am? I want them back, I really want!

07 dezembro 2011

Madrid and Barcelona

Yeiiii! If everything still going to be like they should, I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona!
Me and some friends had already had this idea on the last year, but now its official! We're going to save money I will save to this and ofc to #MARS tour  and we'll realize one of our dreams.
We're in the Junior year, for the next, we're going to the Senior and we finish the secondary to go to the University... to end this journey in an amazing way, we're going to visit those amazing Spanish cities... I've already been in Madrid, but ofc I will be really happy when I come back there, I love that city and I'm really exited to meet BCN for obvious reasons PIQUÉÉÉ
So, we have to wait, we're so precipitated that we're already looking for planes, hotels and guides!
Wish us luck!

False people

Não sei o que vai na cabeça das outras pessoas, a sério que não. Não percebo porque é que alguém perde tempo a fazer-se passar por outra só para essa fazer figura de parva.
Penso que pior que isso é criticar os outros por acções que eles praticam e no fundo, fazem o mesmo! Não entendo bem a moral que essas pessoas têm para falar dos outros se num momento riem do que nós fazemos e perguntam como foi e noutro já estão a repudiar os nossos actos.
Por favor pessoas, nunca se esqueçam de olhar para vocês antes de criticarem os outros!

06 dezembro 2011


Today I'm in depressive mood! So, I will left you with an old song, but I sill like it.
I still doesn't know if I should buy tickets for her concert, I have plans in that day on the afternoon, but the concert is at night... What you think about it?

Is someone here?

I know I've already posted it before, but no one asked me, so I will do it again.
I beg... if someone is reading my blog, please, left me a comment... so I will never know if you like my posts or not, or how can I get them better. Please, left me your oppinion, can be negative, but is constructive.
I'll be waiting... I know you are here, I can see the statistics...

Readers, we're (me and my husband Jared Leto) watching you xD

05 dezembro 2011

Christmas soon, please, come back soon*.*

WoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooW! I love it! This is my new love, I wanna mary this shirt!! I will buy one when I receive my money on Christmas*.* its so cute and special!!
See you soon my love!


I'm desperate! I'll have applied maths exam tomorrow and I don't know a s**** about that... I really don't know what I will do tomorrow. BTW, I won't pass much more time looking at the book... Pray for me, please, please!

PS: I will spend my holyday studying Geography... ohhhhh, hard life, hard life. Thank god the end is near!

04 dezembro 2011


This is my dream, the Black Bag as everything in this picture inside... If I had money, I would buy it, for sure... it has such a symblic price... only 500$ no way I can buy it right now


I've already said this before, but I really hate Sundays and right now I can't stand it anymore.
I'm so sick of the school and I have such a full week with 3 exams! The good new is I will be on holydays in 15 days, more or less...
I just hope this 15 days pass really fast and that I can raise my marks, they are not good at all xD. But I know in the 2nd term they will be much better, its always like this:)

03 dezembro 2011


How I like that song...

I need...

I really need a brand new mascara, a VS bra and a brown bag, that's all I need to be happy...
ofc I woudl like to have Jared Leto in my bed, but I'm talking about real things...

Poor Life!!





This is my life... I would like to have a closet full of amazing clothes, accessories and shoes, but I have a little cabinet to put everithing inside... I also would like to have a Victoria's Secret store in my town, but no, I have to buy my clothes in Stradivarius...