16 dezembro 2011

Stupid Fandom

I used to be a proud TH fan, but now I'm not! They're a bunch of childish, fake and stupid girls! They don't respect a different oppinion and they criticize you for everything you do "against" TH.
I changed, I'm not the same girl, I changed my tastes and because of things that appened with me, I have to admit that 30 seconds to Mars are, at this moment, my favourite band. I won't forget anything I did for TH and how much they made me happy, but I can't ignore the fact they don't really give a fuck about their fans. Instead of working in a new album, they are in parties, maybe taking drugs and making out with girls. They're not honest, they don't care if you cross the world to see them, you don't see emotion on their eyes... Mars are the opposite: they do everything for the Echelon, they show us their love for us, they are lovelly and carefulll with us, they really get envolved with everything we do and we can see and feel the love in the air... between them and us.
I feel hurted with TH, but MARS can really cheer me up and make me feel special, a thing they can't do;)
I don't want to explain anything elese, because if I'd say everythig I feel and I know, I'd be here untill tomorrow, but I don't want. I don't need to give expainations to stupid girls, like I did today, but I gave, just because they think they can argue with me, but they can't...

I love 30 Seconds To Mars more than Tokio Hotel, so what? Its MY life, not yours

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