26 março 2012


My mom just bought me those shorts:
She just red my mind*.* and I'm so happy, because 34 or 6(in the UK) fits me well*.*

How to make me furious

My sister really knows how to anoy me... or she plays One Direction songs all day long or she plays that song...


Ohhhh... Want to know the big new? Aparentelly, I have new BFF's, because, acording to a friend, I don't speak with my old friends anymore, because of the "new ones".
My birthday is on Wednesday and I invited some of them to lunch, because a major part of "my old friends" can't be with me in my b-day, so, I want to party with the two separate groups and I didn't invite them, I said we can be together in the weekend... Yesterday, I was talking with a friend and she said "ohh, you used to be with us more often, now you're already passing your b-day with your true friends ("new friends"), they are better than us"
OK, seriouslly? I do have more friends than I used to have, I admit that right now I pass more time with my mates than I pass with "my old friends" but I don't like more a group than I like the other, they're all my friends and its my option to pass my birthday with everyone I like and I don't want to get some people uncofortable and I thought that was the best option, two separate parties, like I did in the last year, but perhaps someone is thinking I'm giving priority to someones, when I'm doing nothing...

24 março 2012

Nice Day;)

I forgot to post, but yesterday, I spent my afternoon walking in the beautiful Lisbon with my friends... Was so good to enjoy the good views of the city, imitating celebrities and make jokes with cocky tourists haha!
Friendship is a value that we can share;)

22 março 2012


Yes, it really makes sense... a lot!


There are some shorts I've already seen in stores, but I didn't bought... but I will buy one of them, just don't know how... HELP MEEEE
Stradivarius 19,95€

Bershka 17,99€

Bershka 19,99€

Nail Polish

I love those brand new colours by H&M! I have to look for them tomorrow!


Yeiiii I'm on holidays.. not yet, the last day of school is tomorrow, but it doesn't count! Unfortunatelly, they won't be too much fun, I have hundreds of works to present in the next term, I have to study to my final exams and I have to make the coreography I've talked about before.

What I expect to be my holidays...

What they will be in the reality

How will your holidays be?

21 março 2012


Yes, I'm going to start a diet. Not because I'm fat, because I'm not, but I want to be more thin, like Kenza!
I'm starting today and my main goal is reach 48kg... until that, I will print this image to inspire me to get my legs like Kenza haha

19 março 2012


Like every single years, in the last term, we have to build a brand new and original coreography oh FML its kind of hard, because we only have 6 weeks and we're not professional dancers, we like to dance, but not that much and its weird to see all your class looking at you dancing... when we go out at night is different.
Last year we danced Enrique Iglesias (what was going into our minds?) and this year we're going to the old school^^
Dancing Madonna its always a good option;)

18 março 2012

In love with...

... brown Jeffrey Campbell boots!

Last Night

Yesterday, as I told you before, I went out with some friends. It suposed to be a birthday party, but we splitted, because some of us didin't want to spend too much money on the dinner and we ate at McDonalds and went to Bairro Alto, which is an amazing place here in Lisbon, full of bars*.* and we start dancing, drinking and having fun. The rest of the people arrived very late and we had been together only for 20 minutes because we had to come back home.
To conclude, was a night with 5 people, me, three girls and a boy and was really fun;)

15 março 2012


Nice culture, cute guys, sexy accent on the streets, good football, amazing architecture, pretty monuments are a lot of good reasons to make me want to move to London and believe that are a lot of more in my list...


When I stop and think, I realize that I don't keep contact with any of my old friends and when I say old, its like my friends from the basic school.
I had a group of friends and they weren't too healthy(some of them used drugs) but some of them were good persons, some of them were fake, but I just realized  it later. I was the outsider, because I've never got into their business, so I sometimes felt alone because of that, it seemed like no one was there to listen me or to support me when I needed, exepting one or two people. Makes me really sad, because I lost contact with them. As we made our decisions and split because of the school we never talked again, one or two times, but no more than that... and I don't want this to happen again.
When I got into a new class, I felt completelly alone and the ones I knew before are not with me right now, one of them changed the school and shown me the fake person who is and the other its like the same, its pretentious, fake and rude, I do not talk with them... but I met new people, we're 8, more or less, but I really like them, they really care about me, and they care a lot, they always try to support me like no one had done before, not this way and I don't want to loose the contact with them after we split, because we will split, to the next year we're going to the college and it will happen.
To avoid not see each other again, we agreed that we will make a trip together every single year, it might be a good idea. We're also planning after finish our college to move to London, our dream city.
I really hope all of those plans to become true, we're always having stupid ideas and making the most idiot plans to become rich, but the idea to make a trip always together and move to London is real, really.
Like we say every day, DIVAS always together! And I hope this to be forever;)

we're DIVAS, really, we call each other DIVA haha

14 março 2012


Friday is my last exam and Saturday I will eat out and dance the whole night long... YEIIIIIIIIII!

New Stuff

Yesterday, after school, I went shopping and I bought some nice stuff*.*
Shadow from Sephora

Ring from H&M   4,99€

Oversize t-shirt from Springfield    12,95€

Bag from Pimkie,  first 17,95€, now 10,79€*.*

This shirt I bought to a girl in December, but I never dressed and I never had post a pic before, so there it is;)

07 março 2012


Yesterday, I spent my whole day in Sintra, I climbed such stupid "mountain" for no reason and I arrived completelly exhausted at home. Today, I spent my whole afternoon writing a stupid Filosophy relatory. I have History test on Friday and I didn't studied yet and I'm really screwed! I will have to wake up really early tomorrow and spend my whole tomorrow's afternoon studying... To the next week I have Filosophy, Applied Maths and Geography tests... OH F*** MY LIFE!
What I should be doing, but I'm not!

Perfect Outfit

Here is such a cute outfit that I'm dieing to have into my wardrobe. It will be mine very, very soon!!!
Shorts by H&M
Bag by Pimkie
one of those shirts
T-shirt by Kandeeshop

T-shirt by Kandeeshop

05 março 2012


Since two weeks ago that are a poll in Rock in Rio Lisboa website to the public vote for the next artist that will perform here in June. Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Rihanna and unfortunantelly Justin Bieber are the names you can choose. In my opinion, they all will perform in the same day, that is the last list to divulgate and makes sence put them all together.
I really hope to be Rihanna, because I'm so regreted to didn't have bought the tickets to see her in December past, so I won't loose this chance, she's one of my favourite artists, I have been growing up with her songs.. I just can't wait to see her;)

04 março 2012


Something I've learned for a while, but its not bad to remind;)

Saving Money

As I promised, my hard task to save money continues, I've created a line, that is save, at least, 5€ per week and for my own surprise, its not so difficult as I thought.
I just cut in some things where I used to spend money and in the end of the week I have money to save and the another half to spend in another things, all I have to do is organize my spents and I'll be happy forever... or at least, could be able to die happy, because I will realize my dreams*.*
PS: Going to Paris is not my dream, I just found that picture and its beautiful;)

01 março 2012

Last weekend shopping

I went shopping last Sunday, my mom had a party Saturday night and she arrove at home in the morning haha! my mom is really modern,  my dad had to work on Sunday, so, my mom toke me and my brothers to eat out and I bought some stuffs to the new season!!
I toke the pictures from Stradivarius' and Pimkie's websites because I'm too lazy to take my own pics.

Stradivarius, 9,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95
The jackets look kind of boring in those pictures, but they look very cute open and with a nice t-shirt and some accessories.
That bag is not mine yet, I'm going to pick up her throught the next week or the other, it will depend of my time.

Pimkie, 17,95€