01 março 2012

Last weekend shopping

I went shopping last Sunday, my mom had a party Saturday night and she arrove at home in the morning haha! my mom is really modern,  my dad had to work on Sunday, so, my mom toke me and my brothers to eat out and I bought some stuffs to the new season!!
I toke the pictures from Stradivarius' and Pimkie's websites because I'm too lazy to take my own pics.

Stradivarius, 9,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95€

Stradivarius, 12,95
The jackets look kind of boring in those pictures, but they look very cute open and with a nice t-shirt and some accessories.
That bag is not mine yet, I'm going to pick up her throught the next week or the other, it will depend of my time.

Pimkie, 17,95€

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