02 janeiro 2013


I decided to start something new. I'm quite tired of this blog and with my new project I left this blog a bit aside and I don't like it, when I do something I love to be 100% focused on that and its not happening anymore.
I won't post the link here, sounds rude, but I don't want certain people to read my blog, because its private and I like the anonymity feeling, but I will leave my email and if you want to be in my life or keep in touch you can talk to me and I'll give you my new space.
I don't think I'll delete the blog, if I did it, I will feel like I was killing a part of me.
Was amazing to be here... see you soon :) xx

25 dezembro 2012

Christmas presents

My dad is here, so it is the best present ever, but I also had awesome material gifts. Basically, I received bath products, a MAC lipstick, a bag, bracelets, boots, oxford shoes, jumpers and money.

22 dezembro 2012

Topshop. 51€
Lovely dress for Christmas time. I just found is today, it won't arrive in time for Christmas. Is sad, because its perfect and I still don't have a propper outfit
If you have no idea about what to wear and how to do your makeup and you hair for the Holidays, you really should watch this video :) Helps a lottttt

Yesterday, I found this bag on Blanco and its now under my Christmas Tree. Today, my dad arrives from Switzerland to pass the Holidays with us, so, I'm really, really happy!

19 dezembro 2012

New In*

Stradivarius, 19.95€

Yesterday I passed an amazing afternoon with some of my friends... it was awesome! I also did some shopping, which included a bracelet and Teen Vogue with my celeb crush of the moment in the cover!
Blanco, 25.99€
Prayer circle to find this bag on Friday!

16 dezembro 2012

Lovely day

Yesterday I visited my grandparents and was a productive visit, because they gave me lots of money and I went shopping, I bought some presents, cute rings and hair pins with spikes :)

Yeah well, my marks this term will be awful... I have 2 more coming!

15 dezembro 2012

We don't need to know someone since ever to understand how strong will be our friendship :)