15 março 2012


When I stop and think, I realize that I don't keep contact with any of my old friends and when I say old, its like my friends from the basic school.
I had a group of friends and they weren't too healthy(some of them used drugs) but some of them were good persons, some of them were fake, but I just realized  it later. I was the outsider, because I've never got into their business, so I sometimes felt alone because of that, it seemed like no one was there to listen me or to support me when I needed, exepting one or two people. Makes me really sad, because I lost contact with them. As we made our decisions and split because of the school we never talked again, one or two times, but no more than that... and I don't want this to happen again.
When I got into a new class, I felt completelly alone and the ones I knew before are not with me right now, one of them changed the school and shown me the fake person who is and the other its like the same, its pretentious, fake and rude, I do not talk with them... but I met new people, we're 8, more or less, but I really like them, they really care about me, and they care a lot, they always try to support me like no one had done before, not this way and I don't want to loose the contact with them after we split, because we will split, to the next year we're going to the college and it will happen.
To avoid not see each other again, we agreed that we will make a trip together every single year, it might be a good idea. We're also planning after finish our college to move to London, our dream city.
I really hope all of those plans to become true, we're always having stupid ideas and making the most idiot plans to become rich, but the idea to make a trip always together and move to London is real, really.
Like we say every day, DIVAS always together! And I hope this to be forever;)

we're DIVAS, really, we call each other DIVA haha

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