16 dezembro 2011


I beg if someone read this blog to leave a coment here. I don't know if you're liking of what I write, I don't have suggestions...
I stop writing in Portuguese to everyone understand a little bit more of what I'm saying( I know that my english is not amazing and that I make a lot of gramar errors, but I'm not perfect) and at this point I don't know what to do, I don't know if you like my posts, what you would like to see here...
I made this post two or three times before, but perhaps no one read it... I know, German and Russian readers that you're here, but why don't you leave me a coment just to make me happy and make me think that, at least here, I do something I like and someone apreciates it.
I'm sorry for the big test, but you don't think you know how hurts to me pass days and days waiting for a reply and no one does it.

Waiting for something to make me feel better♥

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