07 dezembro 2011

Madrid and Barcelona

Yeiiii! If everything still going to be like they should, I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona!
Me and some friends had already had this idea on the last year, but now its official! We're going to save money I will save to this and ofc to #MARS tour  and we'll realize one of our dreams.
We're in the Junior year, for the next, we're going to the Senior and we finish the secondary to go to the University... to end this journey in an amazing way, we're going to visit those amazing Spanish cities... I've already been in Madrid, but ofc I will be really happy when I come back there, I love that city and I'm really exited to meet BCN for obvious reasons PIQUÉÉÉ
So, we have to wait, we're so precipitated that we're already looking for planes, hotels and guides!
Wish us luck!

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