21 abril 2012

Irina Shayk in Lisbon

She's beautiful and all that, but she's lazy! The signing session was supposed to end at 15h, but she was too tired and ended a 5 minutes early and there were only more 20 people outside Intimissimi... and I was one of them! There was 6 people in front of me when the security told us that we weren't be able to get in the store and get an autograph.
I was so mad, because I spent money, I waited for the autograph in the rain (its stupid, because is so rare rain in Lisbon, but yesterday was a rainy day) and I couldn't got it!
In the end, she smiled for me and my friend and she said goodbye, was nice, but not enough...
If you want to see the pictures go to D's blog and see:)

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