17 abril 2012

Well well

Lately I'm not with too much patience for this blog... I will post a list of some things that have been happening in the last days:
--> I'm 17 right now
--> My father is going to move to Swizerland
--> My parents offered me a pair of hight waisted leggings
--> I went to a Shannon Leto & Antoine Becks concert(and it was awesome, I was on the first raw, I touched them and was amazing)
-->  I will meet Irina Shayk on Friday
--> Also I have a Filosophy test on Friday
--> I'm super late with my works
--> I found amazing apartments in Madrid and Barcelona(I'm going there in the next year and its just amazing)
--> I realized that I want to be a mom, I want to have 1 child
--> I'm crazy with Forever 21 clothes
And that's basicaly what happens in my life... Sad, no?

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