07 setembro 2012

VMA 2012

Last night, Los Angeles received VMA 2012 ceremony... I saw the worst live stream ever, but I saw the most important moments and tonight I will watch it HQ.
First of all I love the host, Kevin Hart is so, but so funny, I cried with that thing "Kevin Hart for president";
Second, I love Katy Perry, she kisses everyone and she got emotional when she gave "Best Pop Video" award.
Third, in my opinion, the choices were fair and all the winners are good, people voted a lot and I don't get those silly fights all over twitter
Fourth, I missed Kanye West interventions, they are always so fun!
Fifth, OMG, Coldplay won "Best Rock Video" #loveit
Sixth, I have to congratulate One Direction, huge performance and 3 awards, well done
And last but not least, I LOVED PINK PERFORMANCE! She is just amazing and I don't have words to describe my happiness when I saw her!

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